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Newperran Natural – same but different

After eight years of hosting BN’s Nudefest, Newperran Holiday Park will continue to offer a nude experience for naturists in 2016.

Back in 2008, BN had organised a nude event at The Eden Project but needed somewhere for those coming a long way to stay and one of the places they contacted was Newperran Holiday Park. I asked co-owner Christine, if she thought the email had been a joke? ‘When I first received the email from BN, straight away I never had a problem,’ she replied, describing herself as a free spirit. ‘I [just] did my homework as I would with anyone who wanted to bring an event our way. Alton Towers was more than complimentary towards BN.’

Asked if she and husband Keith had any regrets about taking up with naturists, Christine replied: ‘No regrets whatsoever.’

The entire site will be naturist from 10:00 on Sunday 26th June until noon Sunday 3rd July and, if so inclined, you can be nude in all facilities.

There is a large camping area with prices inclusive of electricity. If camping doesn’t appeal to you however, there are two types of static caravan available, one of which can accommodate up to six people, or there are apartments that can house up to four. All the accommodation is offered as self-catering but if you don’t want to do that then Newperran has either a restaurant or a take-away outlet, depending on your fancy.

Evening entertainment will include among others: Edison Lighthouse, a sing-a-long (‘Everyone loves that,’ remarked Christine.), magic man and discos. It does seem a pity, however, to visit Cornwall and not see the sights. As previously mentioned, The Eden Project is not all that far away and Christine says a boat trip has been organised by Colin Gammon during the week. As for trips to the beach, Christine says that most visitors organise themselves and go under their own steam. If you fancy an off-site trip during the week then just ask Keith or Christine for help, and don’t forget to put your clothes on.

I can personally vouch that both Christine and Keith are excellent hosts, and have no doubt that you will have an enjoyable week. You can get more information from their leaflet or from their website or by speaking to Keith or Christine on 01872 572 407.

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