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Women in Naturism 2016

We are re-publishing a message originally posted on the BN Forum by Judith Stinchcombe, British Naturism’s chairperson, about the forthcoming Women in Naturism. Inspired by similar events in North America, this is naturally aimed directly at the UK. The lack of women in naturism to give example and act as an inspiration leads to other women declining to even try naturism. Help BN to help you and encourage greater female participation.

2016 Women in Naturism is coming along nicely but we do need everyone to think about hosting an event, think about who you will invite to that event and how you are going to go about it.

I need to you to tell me about your plans so the British Naturism Marketing team can work with you to promote your event giving you the best start to your success.

There will be weekly updates on planning but I do need you to get involved with your information.

How we will go about it?

‘Tell your Story’ – at the National Convention, I ran some sessions on the subject of ‘Women in Naturism’ and got some great ideas. We decided that women talking to women was best and I encouraged all the attendees to write about how they came into Naturism and what they get from it. You can read a few of them later in this article. We want more! Please send in your 200 words to and we’ll publish the best through the year and use them in our promotions and publicity. You can ask for your name not to be revealed.

We want clubs and swims to start a ‘buddy’ scheme so that newcomers have a named person to contact and perhaps meet in advance of their first Naturist experience

When the media start knocking on the door, they will be asking for Naturist women to appear on TV, speak on the radio and be interviewed for magazines, newspapers and websites. Could that be you? Plenty of training will be given. Please get in touch.

Bring a friend – I know from conversations with many ladies on my travels that they all have girl friends who they know would benefit from Naturism but never get round to inviting them to an event. Make 2016 the year you do!

There will be a big push this year on engaging those male naturists who have a girlfriend, a partner, a fiancée, or a wife at home who is hesitant and curious about naturism.


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