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News from NAG – April 2016

Atlantic Challenge
Mention nudity and you can bet your bottom dollar that the British press will pounce on it, often to the delight of their readers. The Telegraph (21/02/2016) was just one newspaper among many that reported the four women of Yorkshire Row were rowing the Atlantic naked. Four weeks into a trans-Atlantic challenge, they blogged they had run out of clean clothes, so their boat was like a ‘nudist camp’. Well, nearly. They were still wearing their safety harnesses and lifejackets.

Rowing naked is more common than you might imagine, as shown by a Daily Mail article from 2011 when Naomi Hoogesteger was the only woman in a crew of six on another Atlantic crossing.

There is a good reason for being naked on these occasions, however, as the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge website explained, it means the rowers are not

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