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A micro-campaigning opportunity – National Parks

The Campaign for National Parks is celebrating its 80th anniversary by running a survey asking people how they use national parks and how they think parks should be managed in the future.

In a section asking respondents what activities they enjoy doing in national parks, there is no mention of naturism.

If as many people as possible mention in the ‘other activities’ sections of this survey, that they would like better opportunities, freedoms, facilities etc., for nude recreation in National Parks, it would at least transmit the message that there is a demand for this. At present the managers of National Parks probably don’t even know that anyone would want to go naked in the countryside. Let’s tell them!

The survey only takes a minute or two, and can be found at:


9 Responses to A micro-campaigning opportunity – National Parks

  • Done. This is a real opportunity to raise awareness.

  • I suggested signs “You may see naked walkers beyond this point” on some of the pathways. I indicated to them that this was a legal activity.

  • For the past 18 months NAG has been promoting the need for naturism to be included in the thinking and recreational activity options within the concept of the Greater London National City Park project. I urge all supporters to participate in this survey.

    John Paine, co-ordinator of London activities

  • I just tried to do the survey, but it tells me the site is not available. Has the survey been closed, or is it just that their server is temporarily down?

    • I’ve just used it. It’s fine. We did have a broken link for a while, so you might have tried it then but its repaired now.

      To save you going back the correct webaddress is:

  • Survey completed – would be an idea if everyone who does so comments here so we get an idea of how many responded

  • Survey completed. For anyone yet to do it there are a number of free-text comments boxes towards the end of the survey.

  • Thanks Reg. Second attempt failed the same way, but no problem when I tried a different browser! Survey now completed, with encouragement for naturism mentioned in two places.

  • Completed the survey and even indicated I would be willing to help promote the National Parks if they were to embrace naturism.

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