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NAG speaks to ‘The Thunderer’

Member of NAG’s Management Collective, Duncan Heenan wrote in response to Daniel Finklestein, who argued that although he has not done anyone any harm, Steve Gough deserves being locked up. As I have remarked before, Steve Gough divides opinion among naturists, not only society, but I disagree as does Duncan and he made his opinions known through a letter in The Times.

In case you’re wondering, The Thunderer is a nickname for The Times newspaper published in London.

Reg Barlow

4 Responses to NAG speaks to ‘The Thunderer’

  • I totally agree with the sentiments in Duncan Heenan’s letter. Stephen Gough has now been locked away for about a decade, which is longer [than some] murderers [have served]. In 2006, 53 murderers were released after six years. Common sense alone tells you that the punishment [suffered by Steve Gough] far outweighs any supposed harm done [by him]. You need to remember that we live in a country that helped get Saudi Arabia a seat on a UN Human Rights committee. It is a pity that Gough was so short changed by the EU Human Rights court.

    Perhaps some nude protesting needs organising to get Mr Gough out of where only genuine criminals should be.

    [Some edits have been applied for clarity only – Reg]

    • As I have said, Mr Powell, Steve Gough divides us all. I certainly agree with you, the time served by Gough at Her Majesty’s pleasure has been disproportionate to his crime, which is contempt of court and not as many might suppose, his public nudity. However, I for one ask, does he further the cause of naturism, or does he hinder it?

  • The definition of Naturism according to B.N. is:
    “What is Naturism? Naturism is the practice of going without clothes. Whatever you may think about people who do such a thing, it is not shameful, embarrassing or ridiculous, in fact when the weather is hot it’s the sensible option – and great fun!”
    Steve Gough does no more than comply with that; so how can he hinder the cause as defined by this definition?

    • As a definition Mike, it is very wide. Not only can it encompass Steve Gough it can include someone who is only naked while they have their morning shower or bath, is he or she a naturist too? Another organisation that provides a definition, the INF, defines naturism as:

      “Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature, expressed through social nudity, linked to self-respect, tolerance of differing views together with respect for the environment.”

      It isn’t perfect, but to my mind it isn’t far from it. I just feel that Steve Gough isn’t tolerant of others’ point of view, even if they are naturists. In addition, Gough doesn’t claim to be a naturist so why should we rush to defend him?

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