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Happy holiday season everyone. We are having a bit of a hungry time with regards to news reports featuring the ups and downs of naturism, and if you follow us in H&E Naturist you would have seen that in the December issue I had a brief round up of other bloggers you might like to read. I have done it again for the Jaunary 2016 issue and to save wordage in the magazine, I am providing the hyperlinks here.

Antidote to Apathy
First, a quick apology: The Naturist Philosopher has written about the need for engagement as stated in the text printed by H&E Naturist, but what set me thing about it again was another blogger entirely. The mistake is all mine.

Apathy is something I have tackled before in the article “Engagement” following a blog from The Naturist Philosopher but US blogger Larry Darter, writing as Dallas Nudist Culture, continues to ask why more naturists are not agitating for change in the US when they are loosing clothing optional sites to be nude at. It isn’t just in the US; the UK is also having similar problems. The solution this time – according to the Philosopher – is to increase membership numbers for the US representative organisations, AANR and TNS, stating: ‘If an organisation assumes to be the national face of Nudism in America it seems to go without saying it has a responsibility to give people a reason to want to join.’ How very true.

Nudist Club Photography
They say, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ when it comes to engaging with people, except when it comes to naturism. Before the development of the digital camera and cameras on mobiles, this magazine (HEN) would be filled with readers’ photographs. Not any more. People and clubs are afraid that any photos taken will end up on the Internet. Co-founder of Young Naturists America, Felicity Jones thinks differently and argues that clubs should have a simple policy: Don’t take phones of other people without their consent. It required a huge dollop of trust through and lots of common sense being exercised by both photographer and club.

Friendly Competition
The thing is, engagement means you need to meet those you are trying to engage with at least half way. Unfortunately, all too often the greeting received is not as welcome as it could be, even to other naturists. Events such as the volleyball competition described by Stéphane Deschênes for the podcast Naturist Living Show that has been run since the 1970s and organisation of which has been taken over by a group of younger naturists who have given it a new lease of life. By reaching out to the general public, they have been able to bring a new generation to naturism and possibly secure its future for many years to come. Of course, one event isn’t going to cure all the ills in naturism, either here or in the US, but it’s a start and it gives the non-naturists a reason talk about naturism, and that is what engagement is all about.

Blogs, are like little essays, exploring different avenues about naturism and the ways and means to advance the lifestyle. You may know of others of course and, if you do, then by all means send me an email (reg.barlow at naturistactiongroup dot org) with a link. Much obliged.

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