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Come on Sara

If you’re at work, you almost certainly missed this but the new head of the National Police Chiefs’ Council told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire that the public should not expect to see an officer after their home gets burgled.

The interview with Sara Thornton, who took up her new post as the head on the NCCP in April when it took over from ACPO, has been widely reported, including The Times, but as that paper has a pay wall I’ve included a link as to how the BBC itself reported the interview.

Essentially, with budget cuts and fewer officers, the police have to prioritise with sexual offences, concerns over terrorism and cyber crime being given a higher priority than car crime or burglary.

In response to The Times article, colleague Duncan Heenan dashed off a letter the same day:

Dear Sir,

Police Responses,

If Sara Thornton (Times 29/7/15) does not want the police to waste their time responding to unimportant matters, she needs to start by pointing them at the CPS Guideline on handling incidents involving Naturism, which points out that, unless some criminal act is involved, non-sexual nudity in public is not illegal. This message has still not been understood by most front line officers, who will rush around at the mention of a peacefully naked person as if a murder was in progress.

Yours faithfully,

4 Responses to Come on Sara

  • I posted a similar response on more than one news page. Some papers removed it!

    • That’s sad. But thanks for joining in.

  • Brilliant reply from Duncan!

  • I hesitate to speak in support of the police, but it must be difficult for them to assess a situation before they have responded. They probably get an exaggerated, alarmist complaint from somebody that has assumed that because they have seen a naked person it must be a sexual act and therefore must be illegal. As we all know prejudiced people are not beneath lying to get the reaction they want. This scenario will continue to be a problem for Naturists even if the police conducted themselves as we would wish. If there were no public misconceptions there would be no police reaction in the first place. The police are stuck in the middle, damned if they do overreact, damned if they don’t.

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