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As being serious all the time is hard work, here is something of a lighter note from Augustus Stephens. Naturally, this is a post for London-based naturists or those living within easy reach of Limehouse Town Hall. For more information, go to the Augustus Emperors website:

Augustus and the Holy Grail

Augustus and the Holy Grail

Dear NAG,
I was wondering if you could put up a message or page up about my event that some naturists might be interested in.

It is a comedy show called ‘Augustus and the Holy Grail’, but the theme is nudity. A journey through my adventures in being nude with jokes, verses, songs, characters and costumes and my experiences of walking with Stephen Gough. It celebrates the peace and happiness that being naked brings and the audience are welcome, even encouraged, to get naked too.

As an entertainer it is a small contribution to the campaign to make nudity more acceptable by the means of having a laugh.

I am doing a special London show at the Limehouse Town Hall, 646 Commercial Road, London, E14 7HA
Sat 4th July, 5:00pm (lasting about 1 hour).
Price: Free, with a retiring donation.

Augustus Stephens

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