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Public Nudity can be Acceptable

Lots of naturists enjoy open space naturism at many places in the UK, when the weather allows. As naturists we know that only in a few extreme cases does public nakedness offend some people, and now the evidence to prove this is being collected. If you enjoy being at one with nature, alone or with others, in the UK’s great outdoors your experience may be able to help prove that there is public acceptance of naturism.

You may have heard about the Naturist Action Group (NAG) project on collecting data, through a Casual Naturism Report form. Early indications are very positive, with nearly all returns (at June 2015) from naturists showing that people who witness this are NOT offended. However, the evidence needs to be supplemented by returns, in confidence, from far more naturists. This will then lead to it being substantial enough for use in the defence of the few naturists who face legal action. This where you may be able to help them.

WNBR a positive influence
In the season of WNBR rides the police are beginning to respond

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