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World Naked Bike Ride 2015

This might come a little late for some, but between 23 May and 18 July different World Naked Bike Rides will be held around the UK. This is a protest primarily against oil dependency, and for the environment, cycling advocacy and, as its as bare as you dare, body acceptance. If you’re planning to participate, great but you could give the organisers a hand at the same time, they always welcome a little extra help. Or perhaps you would like to join a ride but not sure where one is being held? Either way, take a look at the national website for WNBR UK to find your nearest ride and/or organiser’s contact details.

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  • There is a lot of interest in naked pics taken at WNBR events, but not a lot of people do much to help promote it. We need helping hands. The first step is to notify people of a meeting on 19th Nov for the London WNBR. If you care about WNBR please attend if you can, or let other people know about it. More details can be obtained from Lady Godiva‘s blog.

    Edited by Reg, without Roy’s permission (my apologise).

    • You just have Roy.

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