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I’ve been picking up on a lot of articles that are health related lately, and to be honest it is important with medical opinion telling us that there is no such thing as a “safe” sun-tan but then saying the best way for us to get our daily dose of Vitamin D is through sunlight striking our skin.

This might have been started by one of our supporters,Ph Philip Baker, who late last year sent me an email giving a link to an article from The Independent (20/01/2014) that questioned the usual advise given as people are now avoiding exposing any amount of their skin to sunlight and missing out on its benefits. Philip also quoted from a 1999 BMJ article:

…the prohibition against sunbathing turns out to be based on a tenuous association with malignant skin cancers, while denying people its several benefits – which include promoting mental wellbeing and protection against rickets and skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis.

On skin cancer it reports that ‘It does not spread to other parts of the body, is not life-threatening and is easily cured by a short course of X-ray treatment or surgery. By contrast, the characteristics of the much more sinister malignant skin cancers, or melanomas, could not be more different. They tend to occur on non-exposed parts of the body, such as the trunk and backs of the legs, most frequently in those who work indoors. Clearly, prolonged sun exposure cannot be responsible.

Philip also passed a link to a comment by James Le Fanu and published by the Sunday Telegraph in 1999 that tries to cut through this confusion.

The Naturist Philosopher has been thinking about this too and has written an interesting article. What we present here is an edited version, but the article in its original length can be found on his website. A link is provided.

My thanks to both The Naturist Philosopher and Philip Baker.

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