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London National City Park

London National City Park*

NAG comments on their Green Paper at May 2015.

Daniel and the team need to be congratulated for involving so many London organisations and people in reaching the current stage. NAG was pleased to be involved with providing an information stall, and a number of its supporters attended as participants, in the hugely successful event at the Southbank Arts Centre in February 2015.

Naturism is an opportunity for people to enjoy the open air and benefits of sunlight without wearing clothes. Being naked in public places is not illegal, unless you indulge in acts to deliberately cause offence to people. There are estimated to be over 100,000 naturists, male, female and families, living in Greater London. Throughout the UK this figure may be as high as 1 million. With the density of housing in London very few naturists have the opportunity to practise naturism in their own gardens. Open spaces provide opportunities for many recreational activities, and naturism needs to be considered in this context.

Over 130 naturist organisations and groups exist in the UK alone, many more worldwide, and an International Naturist Federation has existed for many years. In addition, despite a popular misconception, children are not harmed by seeing naked human bodies in a normal and natural situation. It is our belief that the lack, or active discouragement, of such genuine opportunities can lead to distorted views being formed by young people about the human body. It is thought by some that negative views on the shape, physical aspects, and sexual attitudes towards, the human body may lead to some of the psychological and behavioural problems which are experienced by the community at large.

For the past 5 years NAG volunteer supporters have been working to identify open spaces in Greater London where inoffensive naturism can be undertaken without causing upset to other users of those spaces. This work is ongoing. NAG is pleased to support the work to date on the London National City Park initiative. We welcome, in particular, the Green Paper comments:

on page 7   ·    Foster the wellbeing of communities

and on page 9   ·    Physical activity and participation in outdoor recreation

We look forward to the set of benchmarks, referred to on page 9, being developed.

NAG recognises the enormous task ahead for this National City Park project and is prepared to help in any small way that it can to bring this initiative to fruition. As a voluntary organisation with very limited finances NAG is not able to provide money. However, we will continue to promote the National City Park project to our members, via our website and in published written articles. In addition, some NAG supporters have already offered to help distribute the broadsheet, when it is available a little later in the year.

John Paine    NAG Management Group

* an initiative to have Greater London declared to be a National Park City

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