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An urgent message from Gypsy Taub that will appeal most to our US friends:

Dear Body Freedom Supporters,

We urgently need your help to pay our monthly payments to our lawyers. We haven’t paid for March yet and I only got $175 from three people. (Thank you so much for those generous donations.) But we need $500 per month and still need to pay for April.

Please PayPal donations to or email me for other methods of donating. Even the smallest donation makes a big difference.

Here is an update about our federal lawsuit:

You may recall that earlier U.S. District Judge Chen dismissed many of the claims we brought in the nudity litigation, including a claim for injunctive relief.  This means that even if we were to win on the remaining claim, the Court would not order the SFPD to act any differently than they have been.

We, and our attorneys, feel it is important to appeal the Court’s dismissal of our claims since our ultimate goal is to obtain an order that would prohibit the City of San Francisco from arresting people engaged in nude protests – activity that we believe is protected speech under the First Amendment. In order to speed up the process of appealing the Court’s dismissal of our First Amendment claims, we elected to settle the one remaining claim for discriminatory enforcement.

Once finalized, the proceeds from the settlement will go towards paying a small part of our legal bill, which is currently over $100,000. Once the settlement is finalized our attorneys will begin work on the appeal so that we might ultimately obtain an order preventing the City from arresting people who are exercising their

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