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NAG’s First Annual Report

As hard as it might be to believe, but NAG is five-years-old this year and we thought it was about time we published a report detailing our progress so far. Our aim is to make this an annual event from now on, so we present to you, our first Annual Report 2015. You may also find it under the ‘Downloads’ tab.
Reg Barlow
Chairman, Naturist Action Group.

PS A word to the wise. There are a couple of deliberately blank pages for production (presentation) purposes. Please ensure you allow the entire document to download before you start scrolling down.

2 Responses to NAG’s First Annual Report

  • I think it would be beneficial if there were a couple of women in the NAG Committee/ Management organisation.
    Many would-be female nudists are discouraged by what they perceive as “Boys’ Clubs” in which they have no decisive influence.
    We always proclaim that we are pro Gender Equality, but it often doesn’t seem to be the reality.

    • We are in complete agreement JA. We would dearly love to have women as part of the management board, but how do we break this vicious circle? As you say, women won’t join because they feel they will ‘have no decisive influence’, yet when we ask women to join us they decline. Naturally, we have so far asked women already known to us – however slight – so maybe we need to cast the net wider. Someone has got to break the circle and if female UK residents are interested then please, can they contact me direct:

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