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Greater London National Park and Naturism

The following information has been posted on behalf of John Paine and is especially relevant to naturists living in and around London. Your commitment is minimal but requires urgent action.

1. Have your say
There is a major consultation taking place on the concept that Greater London should be declared a National Park. The discussion includes retaining green spaces, protecting them from adverse development, and how they are used. At this stage the Greater London National Park is a notional concept. More details are available from their website.

NAG has already expressed an interest, and wants the matter of health benefits through naturism to be part of that discussion. As part of the Greater London National Park major consultation it is possible for individuals to make comments. NAG has done so as a group, see 3. below.

We are encouraging all naturists to comment as individuals. Should you like to support the concept of naturism being considered at appropriate locations within a Greater London National Park please join those individual naturists who have already done so by making your comment (by 28 February) to the project organisers – and let NAG know what you say!

2. NAG information stand
Reimagine London is a full day discussion about the Greater London National Park. We have booked a NAG information stand at this major event at the Purcell Room, Southbank Centre, on Tuesday 24 February. I am now asking for more volunteer helpers to work on a 2-hour rota system at that NAG stand, in the period 9.30am – 4.30pm. We are printing special leaflets about NAG and our Hampstead Heath naturism project. Please contact me via the website if you are able to help NAG that day.

If you wish to hear the programme of high-powered speakers and discussion at Reimagine London that day it is necessary to book tickets with the organisers. However, anyone can drop in to see the information stands (including ours) in the foyer.

3. NAG comments on Greater LONDON National Park
Using the online form provided here are the short comments already given by NAG

What work should the Greater London National Park do? Please be as specific as possible.
1. The Naturist Action Group (NAG) is pleased that this notional National Park idea has been suggested. At a time when all sorts of pressures, including the urgent housing need, are on London’s land use it is important to provide protection to other valuable land uses. Housing alone, without beneficial environmental facilities can lead to health and well being problems.

2. Environmental issues include ensuring that existing Parks, Open Spaces, and Nature Parks are all protected. More wildlife habitats could perhaps be created. It is important to Identify and create special focus areas for wildlife conservation in which people can get actively involved.

3. There are many health benefits to outdoor naturism, including exercise practises, keep fit, Tai Chi, and yoga. For some time NAG has been concerned that London has no dedicated outdoor naturism open space. Details of our The London Question project, including a fact-finding mission to Munich, and our Hampstead Heath Naturism project can be found on our website.

You have until 28 February to add your comments in the discussion. We also look forward to your possible help as a team member, with our NAG information stand at the Purcell Room, South Bank Centre, on 24 February, which will be extremely valuable.

John Paine   NAG management group

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