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New Year Greetings and Update from San Francisco

A message from Gypsy Taub and friends, providing an update on their legal action to overturn a nudity ban in San Francisco, which we hope, will interest our supporters in the US.

Dear friends, dear body freedom supporters,

Happy New Year and any other holidays you may celebrate!

Here is a quick update on our federal lawsuit against the nudity ban:

A couple months back we submitted our second amended complaint to Judge Chen. Following that the City filed a motion to dismiss our complaint. I got an email from Gill Sperlein, one of our lawyers, saying that the Judge finally issued his order and as Gill put it “some of the claims have survived”. I still need to talk to Gill to fully understand where we are at now and I will send a more informative email in the near future. For now I attach Judge’s decision.

In the meantime we are in the process of discovery, a very tedious and sometimes challenging process where we have to submit all our videos, photos, emails and media reports along with answers to their “interrogatories” that are named that way for a good reason.

Our lawyers have served discovery to the City where we get to “interrogate” them with our “interrogatories”.

We have been doing a lot of good work and really need some help to pay our lawyers. At this point we owe them tens of thousands of dollars (I haven’t seen the recent bill yet). But luckily for us our lawyers are very generous. Larry Walters joined our case pro bono, and our main lawyer Gill Sperlein is only asking us to pay him a minimum of $500 per month to continue the case.

While donations are being made, any shortfall has to be made up each month from my own money to keep going and we will need another $500 for January.

If you are able to contribute any amount, even if it is only $5, please help us out.

You can send the donations to me through PayPal. My PayPal address is or if you want to send the money directly to Gill I would be happy to provide his address to you.

If you don’t use PayPal please let me know. We can figure out an alternative payment method.

Here is a short documentary made by Kris Stewart about our Nude Olympics and here is an old one in case you haven’t seen it:

Thank you so much for your support!

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