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Free Thinking – New York City v. San Francisco


Why is a nude San Franciscan politician making a campaign speech in exile in Times Square, New York City at noon, Wednesday, August 6, 2014?

George Davis is a Body Freedom proponent and a candidate for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors (equals City Council) in the November 4, 2014 General Election.

The Body Freedom Movement holds that you have a natural right to be nude and live in a less stressful clothing optional society. This is both futuristic thinking and a return to the cultural standards of Ancient Greece and Rome…. At worst, public nudity is harmless.  At best, public nudity has a positive public health benefit by normalizing the human body and overcoming the body shame and negative body image feelings that permeate the neurotic contemporary psychological thinking of many Americans… Does anyone think it’s mentally or physically healthy to feel insecure about your body and the bodies of others? Plus, there is the old adage: “If nudity offends, imagine what truth and reality will do.”

For ten years, George Davis has run for public office and made public speeches (nude) in San Francisco.  Recently, a nudity ban law went into effect in San Francisco with the intentional consequences of censoring and the attempted destruction of the local Body Freedom Movement.

In the Supervisor race, Mr. Davis’s chief opponent is the incumbent Supervisor who sponsored the nudity ban legislation. Interestingly, this electoral district is the same one that Harvey Milk was elected from. (Harvey Milk was the first “out” elected Gay official in America and was assassinated in 1978) Mr. Davis intends to be the first “out” nudist elected official.  Both the Gay and Body Freedom Movements are all about freedom of expression and freedom of choice.

Since the San Francisco nudity ban went into effect, George Davis has been arrested twice, cited once, and threatened with arrest two more times for making the same speeches that he has always made.  Due to this censorship by his incumbent opponent, he can no longer effectively campaign in San Francisco in public.

Recently, New York City has recognized the validity of public nudity for theatrical and artistic performances and political speeches. Mr. Davis’s speech (nude) is being made with the knowledge of the NYPD and NYC City Hall officials.  Andy Golub, a talented well-known body painter of nudes will join George Davis in Times Square.  Andy Golub will give a short speech and a nude body painting demonstration.

Does this mean that San Francisco is losing it’s cultural edge and New York City is becoming an International center of free thinking?

For an uncensored 3 minute campaign video of the before-and-after of the San Francisco nudity ban, go to

For other damning reasons other than the nudity ban to vote-out the incumbent District 8 Supervisor, go to

For fundraising information on this campaign, go to, search for “Body Freedom Election Campaign”.

For a recent history of SFPD suppression of the Body Freedom Movement and a short history of social nudity and contemporary global status of public nudity, go to

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George Davis
(415) 722-2968
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