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Davis Runs Again

George Davis, Nudist and Body Freedom advocate, is standing again for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in the 4th November 2014 General Election, and will be making a campaign speech on August 6th.

The odd thing is, because of the anti-nudity laws in San Francisco, Davis will be making this speech in Times Square, New York. Unlike San Francisco, New York recognises public nudity for the purpose of theatrical and artistic performances, and political speeches. Ever since the 1960s, San Francisco has been known for its freethinking attitude to life, the universe and everything (apologise to Douglas Adams), but Davis now asks has this baton been passed to New York?

Davis’ main opponent for District 8 is Scott Weiner, who sponsored the nudity ban legislation in the city. The New York speech will be delivered nude, and made with the full knowledge of the police and New York City Hall.

The Davis campaign office has promised to issue a new press release giving more details closer to the time, and we shall publish it when its received. But in the meantime, if you are an American nudist please pass this on via your preferred choice of social media. Or if you know one, please make them aware of this event.

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