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The Gender Balance

Last February, blogger Jillian Page wrote about an incident that involved one of her male naturist readers for the Montreal Gazette. Apparently, despite being vetted and approved as a potential member, he was turned away from “a naturist organisation” because he could not find a woman to partner him. He didn’t have to be in a relationship with her, they just wanted to have two new members one of each gender, to ensure an arbitrary ratio between men and women was maintained. This basically sums up two perennial problems in naturism: “the single male issue” and the “not enough women issue”, and I consider them to be opposites of the same coin.

I prefer to use the phrase ‘unaccompanied male’ rather than single male. It may seem rather pedantic but many of the men that wish to join a naturist club do have a partner, it is just that they are not interested in going naked in public. They are, however, comfortable for their partner to do so without them. It also needs to be said that it cannot be assumed that the missing partner is someone of the opposite gender.

Here in the UK, many of our naturist clubs are private restricting membership accordingly and they have found their own solution to the unaccompanied male issue over the years, some fairer than others. I remember asking to join a club once and the experience put me off applying to any other. A nice couple came to ask me a few questions, but what their questioning boiled down to was “How frequently was I going to visit the club?” Thinking of all the other things I like to do, I proposed once a month. As the vetting couple left, they did let slip one piece of information. The club had recently advertised for new members (something I hadn’t seen BTW) and all the applications they received were from men, but mine was the only one they had decided to pursue. I was refused membership and they wouldn’t to say why. Was it because I am single? Who knows or care? I had already made up my mind to turn down their membership if it had been offered, as I thought the club was very secretive and always thought that this held back naturism, not advanced it. Nor did I think it very progressive and lacked ambition.

Similar tales have cropped up over the intervening years on one forum or another from other unaccompanied males, yet the clubs seemed to be deaf to these pleas and did nothing to address the problem. And it was all perfectly legal, as a private club had the right to restrict to whom and under what terms membership was offered. The

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