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Following my post Engagement, Howard Anderson wrote defending the notion that talking to your family, friends and neighbours about naturism. The Naturist Philosopher originally suggested that we do this in order to break down the distrust between the naturist and non-naturist, and to enable all of us to lead a normal life. I dismissed the idea because I thought that secrecy is too ingrained into each individual naturist for it to be effective or even happen. Although we feel comfortable in our naked bodies, we can’t quite get over the idea that the social norm is for our bodies should be covered in cloth outside the bathroom or bedroom.

Howard, on the other hand, thought it was a good idea for while organising and mounting a major campaign may require a particular set of skills that not everyone has, talking to family, friends and neighbours, do not. It just needed the right opportunity to occur. Howard calls this Micro-Campaigning and he has written an article explaining his experience when he practised what he preaches. He hasn’t said if it has been published elsewhere, or when if it has, but he has graciously given his permission for it to reappear here. As a result of reading it, I would like to change my view slightly. I still think, on the whole for the vast majority of naturists it is going to be hard to break the habit of not speaking about their participation and enjoyment of naturism. But if you are confident enough, and want to lead an otherwise normal life and not wait for when the neighbours are out then why not talk to them? It might only be a small victory for naturism, but it might be a huge one for yourself. Besides, many small victories can add up to an even greater one in the long run.

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  • Both my wife and I unashamedly make it known that we are naturists in the same way as we make other aspects of our lives known to others. Our families, friends, neighbours and work colleagues all know that we are naturists which makes it possible for us to be naked in our back garden and also to talk about our naturist holidays. We usually just mention the fact that we are naturists in casual conversation and we have found that the majority of people accept our lifestyle and some are keen to find out more. We have found that being open about naturism is the most positive way of getting others to understand and accept naturism. I wear a t-shirt bearing the slogan “Naturist under cover” which has prompted a few members of the public to ask a few questions but I have never had any adverse comments. We have found that people are far more accepting of social nudity than is generally believed. There are a few people who are vehemently opposed to nudity but they are a very small minority and naturist should not think that all members of the public are anti-nudity.

  • Thanks for putting that on Reg. I wrote it partly as a response to overcoming apathy and partly on what the rest of us could do when the official wing is out campaigning. Do nothing is not an option.

    One aspect of campaigning that can be missed is that of campaigning within the loose group we call naturists. If we can embolden people to come out, it will help them feel less isolated in society and at the same time help the bigger campaigns- the more the merrier. I know there are issues over teachers etc coming out in a society running scared [of paedophiles] but there are plenty who will find that life is better “out”. Gays were at one time seen as a threat to society so kept secret, especially in education, but the situation has changed there. It can change when society realises that nude people are not a threat. Does the grass need a cut? Well…


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