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Photographic Competition Results

Over the summer of 2013, Naturist Action Group held a photographic competition with the theme of Living Naturism. The Judges included professional photographer, Laura Pannack, H&E Editor Sam Hawcroft and Reg Barlow, chairman of the Naturist Action Group.

“Considering that this was our inaugural competition, we had a good

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  • Thanks for posting my picture of Elaine playing the piano on the page announcing the photography competition results.

    The winning shots were great, although I/we were of the view that the beautiful beach scene was not what we would have been expecting for the theme of “living naturism” which we had understood to have been about portraying naturism in everyday life. I sort of feel that we could all have entered some fantastic shots on a beautiful beach – but is that really everyday life?

    Anyway, the winning pictures were really good shots and worthy of recognition.

    Best wishes

    Terry & Elaine

    • Hello Terry and Elaine,
      As you correctly quoted the theme of our photography competition last year was “Living Naturism”, however we left it up to the photographer to decide how to interpret that. It could easily be a picture of a group of people playing Boule or of someone doing something very ordinary. Most of the pictures we received were posted, but sometimes the very pictures are those taken on ‘the fly’ – a couple of people in their club’s office for example. (not really original because I ‘stole’ of a photo taken by a professional photographer of the office at Bare Oaks in Canada and therefore copyrighted, and we just can’t afford the price asked.) Anyway, it is purely up to the photographer to determine “Living Naturism”.

      Still, I happy that you enjoyed the winners from last year’s competition. We’re having a rest this year and will launch another competition next year. Watch out for the announcement.

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