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A victory in the Antisocial Behaviour Bill, but the war goes on!

,NAG Supporters will be aware that we (and many other organisations) have been campaigning hard against the definition of “Antisocial Behaviour” in the Antisocial Behaviour Crime & Policing Bill, currently before Parliament. This definition as originally drafted read:

‘…conduct capable of causing nuisance or annoyance to any person’

 The good news is that common sense emerged today when The Lords amended this definition today to; ‘ …conduct that has caused, or likely to cause, harassment, alarm or distress to any person…’

This makes the Bill much less likely to be used against naturists than the original too wide wording, which played in to the hands of prudish authoritarians. Though not perfect,  ‘harassment, alarm and distress’ is a well known legal formula, and a stronger test than mere ‘nuisance or annoyance’.

We can congratulate ourselves in playing our part in achieving this change, and NAG’s thanks go to all the individuals who have actually done something to help.

The bad news is that when the Bill returns to the Commons this could be reversed again (which the Government would like to do). So we must keep up the pressure in all respects, on MPs., Lords , and all aspects of Public Opinion. And don’t let up until it becomes Law. If you value your naturist freedom, keep campaigning!  

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