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We have a Hampstead Heath Naturism Project Group

As part of the work in London NAG now has a small group of London naturists, female and male, working as the Hampstead Heath Naturism Project Group. They are taking forward the recommendations in the NAG document Hampstead Heath: The way forward. John Paine is the NAG co-ordinator, until the Group gets established with its own leadership from London naturists.

Three immediate objectives have been agreed. These are to get acceptance at Hampstead Heath of naturism at:

            (a) in The Ladies Pond area                                 Short term

            (b) naked swimming in the Men’s Pond           Medium term

and (c) in the grass at the Cohen’s Field area               Longer term

The Group feels that it is essential to involve naturists who live local to Hampstead Heath (HH). John McPartlin, as a user of the Men’s Pond, is in touch with other naturist users, who come from all over London. The involvement of female naturists is also essential, to counter the perception that it is only men who want naturist facilities. Harvey Allen is organising a photo-shoot at HH in which a number of female naturists have agreed to take part.

NAG held a meeting with senior City of London managers, responsible for HH, in July. It has been agreed that networking with other HH users and the official HH User Groups, would also be essential. Currently a meeting with Glenda Jackson MP, who has been contacted and expressed an interest, is being set up. Also suggested was an approach to Elixir Health Spa which near Alexandra Palace at 14 Palace Gates Road,  London N22 7BN telephone 020 8888 5511, is not far from HH. They may be able to promote the need to other naturist users.


The Group feel that it is essential to explain that open air naturism is a healthy daytime activity, and not the unacceptable sexual behaviour which occurs primarily at evening and night-time on the Heath. It is important to change the perception of the public, and of park managements, who tend automatically to associate that unacceptable sexual behaviour with naturism. Networking with local people and groups is a key part of this work and will need to be carefully planned. This report is part of a strategy to tell naturists about the new Project Group and promote it widely. Please feel free to help us by contacting naturist friends, and the Naturist magazines and websites.

We need a distinctive Logo for the Group (alongside the NAG logo) which could be used on leaflets, publicity material and letterheads. Perhaps you can give us some ideas on that? We will also draw up a short explanatory A4 information sheet. If there is a naturist person with media skills, to assist with local media contacts and interviews, that too would be a big benefit for the Group. However, we are presently cautious about approaching the local media, as this would be best done once the Group has worked out a little more clearly what it wants to say to local people.

            Next meeting

All interest naturists are invited to the next meeting of the Project Group, when we shall give updates on progress and plan the 2014 action. It will take place at 2.00pm on Saturday 23 November 2013.

The venue for this meeting is McGlynn’s Free House Whidborne Street, LONDON WC1H 8ET . The venue is near to Kings Cross station. Argyle Street is opposite St. Pancras Station and Whidborne Street is at the bottom right. You might like to know that McGlynn’s also does meals.


John Paine

2 October 2013

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