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Urgent Appeal for Volunteers this Sunday

Artists’ collective JocJonJosch are looking for people to help them with rehearsal for a performance work in central London. You are welcome even if you cannot join them for the actual performance, which will be held in Switzerland later this month. More details can be found in the Appeal


4 Responses to Urgent Appeal for Volunteers this Sunday

  • Shame,wish I’d seen this earlier,could have cancelled a family visit!

  • Hi Reg Thanks for posting this. We are a bit surprised as we have made a commitment to take part in the performance in Switzerland. We have sent a text to Jon to find out what is going on. Who contacted you? As it happens we are able to change our plans so we should be able to go on Sunday.

    • Hello Mike,
      No, don’t change your plans. After we published this post we learned from Chris Lamb that the organisers were thinking about making it bigger (?).

  • Sounds like an extrapolation of the human body itself, Reg.
    We are after all eukaryotes and each individual body is actually made up of many independent parts and even resident organisms, a bit like an organic department store.
    I might consider staying overnight and helping.
    Hugz Will

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