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Antisocial Behaviour, Crime & Policing Bill – last chance to make your point

This deeply worrying Bill has not been altered in its passage through Parliament so far, but is about to come before the Lords, who tend to be a bit more independent than MPs and often deploy more common sense and judgment. We have only a few days left to as them to replace the current over-broad definition of “Antisocial Behaviour”, with something more designed to prevent actual harm rather than just annoyance of someone in Authority.

Make your own view known in your own words with a short email to any or all of the following. Do it today if you want to influence events. Don’t put it off or you may be too late:

There are anti-spam restrictions on the Lords and MPs
of which you maybe aware. No more than 6 identical/similar emails to any individual MP or Lord

L Avebury                                      
B Berridge (Baronesss)                           oneilldm@parliament.ukL
Borrie                                                      contactholmember@parliament.ukL
Brown of Eaton-under-Heywood   
B Browning (Baroness)                 

L Condon                                      
L Dear                                             
L Dholakia                                     
B Doocey                                      
L Faulks                        
B Gale                                             
L Greaves                        
B Hamwee                                     
L Harris of Haringey                      
B Harris of Richmond (Baroness)
L Hope of Craighead                         
L Hylton                                             
L Judd                                             
B Kennedy of The Shaws PA email
L Tom McNally                                
L Ponsonby of Shulbrede              
L Ramsbotham                                
L Rosser                                           
B Smith of Basildon                           
B Stern    Office                               
L Taylor of Holbeach (Minister)     
L Touhig                                             
L Trees                                            
L Wasserman                                     

3 Responses to Antisocial Behaviour, Crime & Policing Bill – last chance to make your point

  • One email on its way. Please lets all get busy and get this bill changed.

  • I sent 14 emails to various members of the Lords yesterday.

    I have had 4 positive comments back so far, and a suggestion that a number of naturists have raised concerns.
    John Paine

  • You know guys, some people in some quarters (who don’t deserve to afford clothes) criticise NAG for being divisive. If “divisive” means NOT standing around and doing little for naturism, its image or its members (especially its vulnerable adults) then I must have been reading the wrong dictionary. Divisive must be a valuable quality.

    Someone has to tackle the Law because quite frankly the average man in the street is more reasonable about our lifestyle than is any legislation. So please keep fighting to quash all the aberrations on the legal front.
    …….because behind the scenes, there is another way!

    Our mutual friend, campaigning till the sun goes out, Richard Collins has throughout this year been spreading the message among the younger people of hastings and east Sussex. This is not confrontation, it is promoting nudity as one of the most liberating, comfortable, fun-loving ways to enjoy social events. His tactic is simply to be naked at the same time as being “one of them”, a far cry from the cultish image naturism has drawn for years.

    It is recognised throughout Hastings that, if Richard strips at your gig, you must be playing well; a badge of honour! (It does seem however that most bands meet this criterion lol.) But it has been accepted as normal, even encouraged, by the pubs and clubs, and there are even punters joining Richard in his naked dances where they would never even have considered it before.

    There is no way certain elements in naturism would condone this from behind their high walls.

    I am thinking maybe we should be adding Richard’s way to our gameplan. If we can spread clean naked clubbing as nightlife-friendly, then I believe that will bring more and more people onside with naked freedom than would simply telling them, “you have to accept us now, it is law!”

    Look; it wasn’t the Law that made gay people “acceptable”, it was the understanding that they were “commonplace”, so they must be ok. We can become more commonplace too. ….and Richard’s way is THE way!

    Hugz Will

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