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Ideas needed on the Antisocial Behaviour, Crime & Policing Bill 2013

Help Needed – quickly please!

I hope you will have read the articles on this website and elsewhere on this Bill. It could be used against naturism if it goes through in its current form, so we all need to do all we can to get it altered appropriately.

Today I met with my MP (Andrew Turner) to follow up on my correspondence with him on the ABC&P Bill.

I have to make some allowances as he had a bad stroke about 4 years ago and hasn’t fully recovered, and looks as if he is coasting to retirement, but I was nevertheless disappointed that he knew virtually nothing of the Bill, despite my correspondence (all answered by his staff), or even Jeremy Brown’s replies to my passed-on enquiries. So I had to explain a lot in a short time, which meant being very focussed on the main problem – the over-wide definition in S1 of ‘anti-social behaviour’. This is currently drafted as “…behaviour capable of causing annoyance or nuisance to any person.” He was surprisingly sympathetic to our fears of misuse of this for people in positions of authority, though not specifically against naturism. He was also surprisingly un-trusting of magistrates, police and local government officers to keep their personal agendas out of their professional decisions. I gave him copies of the NAG and BN submissions on the Bill, and a ‘What is Naturism’ leaflet. I emphasised that we felt it was well meaning legislation, just badly

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