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A Statement on Hampstead Heath

In May 2013 NAG published information about holding a proposed Naturist Picnic at Cohen’s Field, on Hampstead Heath, on Saturday 29 June. The City of London is responsible for managing Hampstead Heath and they wrote to NAG asking that the Picnic be cancelled. The City offered to meet with NAG to discuss issues related to such an activity at Hampstead Heath. NAG therefore agreed to cancel the Picnic so that the meeting could take place on 4 July.

The meeting was held in an office at Hampstead Heath and a considerable amount of information was exchanged. NAG is currently considering the implications of the new information received in that meeting. At the present time there are no plans for NAG to set a new date, or organise, a Naturist Picnic on Hampstead Heath. The door was left open for NAG to continue a dialogue with the City Corporation.

The NAG project The London Question will continue. In due course NAG will issue more information on how naturists, who are keen to see more opportunities for naturism within greater London, can assist with this.

John Paine   NAG project leader

July 2013

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