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Government to make everything illegal

By Duncan Heenan, with additional material by Reg Barlow

Don’t be ridiculous; you can’t make everything illegal!

You may think that, but currently before Parliament is the Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill (“ASB”) 2013 and Section 1(2) defines anti-social behaviour as “…conduct capable of causing nuisance or annoyance to any person,” with the provision of a Community Order – an ASBO-like banning order – for anyone falling foul of this proposed law.

“Bravo!” you might say, because no one likes truly antisocial behaviour, and this Bill was introduced to tackle yobbish behaviour that terrorises people in a small locality. However, under this definition any kind of behaviour can be deemed ‘antisocial’, as in

One Response to Government to make everything illegal

  • I could get worse! In the example above of the music, the music wouldn’t have even had to be played. If someone merely expected it to be played and thought it might annoy them, they could apply for an order to ban it in advance.
    Whatever is the subject of these various tyoes of banning orders doesn’t actually have to happen at all. And they don’t have to even cause nuisance or annoyance – they merely have to be capable of doing so.
    Write to your MP now – before it’s too late!

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