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Beauty in the Older Women

We have received another emailed request, for women specifically this time, from Edo Zollo – a London-based photographer:

“Over the course of the next months I will embark on a photographic exploratory of the reality of women getting older and still feeling attractive, and I’m looking to the British public to getting involved.

“My photo project is called Beauty in the Older Women

“Elderly; maybe beauty treatments can delay it, but we can’t avoid it, it is a fact of life. Intrigued by women getting older and losing the“sexy” status from the opposite sex, I’m setting out to challenge people’s perceptions of it through a new and unique project.

“I’m looking for late 60’s / early 70’s years old women keen to share their view of getting older. Do you think your users be interested in taking part?

“Kind Regards,
Edo Zollo & Tea Smart”

You can see more about Edo, his past projects and this one by going his website and contact the photographer direct if you’re interested in participating.

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