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Antisocial Behaviour Bill – How to make your representations

Antisocial Behaviour Bill – getting your point over

The danger of abuse of this legislation have been covered elsewhere. Complaining about it to eachother will do no good. If you want to actually change it for the better before it is passed in to Law, and it is too late, you need to act straight away, and contact the people who could change it, and convince them of the need to do so. This means contacting your Member of Parliament straight away. First you need to know who that is. If you are in doubt, you can find out on the following website: . All you have to do is enter your postcode. It will tell you who your MP is and give a link to his or her website. Given that time is short, you need the quickest means of contact, so we recommend email or phone, though a letter may also work. You can write to them at the House of Commons or at their

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