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Restaurant Visit

Restaurant Visit

Naked walking in Hamburg

Naked walking in Hamburg

Horizontal Field - Anthony Gormley Performance Art

Horizontal Field – Anthony Gormley Performance Art

Greetings to British Naturist Action Group from a group of ‘Nactivists’ in northern Germany, with focus around Hamburg.

My wife and I met Duncan and Vivienne during naked holidays on Fuerteventura about a year ago, and Duncan reminds me every time we have contact to write an article about our group for the NAG. So here it is.

The action I´d liked most last year was a naked visit on the “Horizon Field” installation of the British artist Antony Gormley,

He wrote, that his installation should be best explored naked, and we could organize two dates where this was possible. Everybody was informed at the entrance, that there would be naked people, it was a nice be together with both naked and clothed people, some of the clothed made themself naked spontaneously.

Also nice was a trip to visit a naturist couple living about 100 Km east of Hamburg in a very small village. They told us “everybody here is used to see naked people, it´s no problem to walk naked”. Of course we tried :

In between, we have two websites:

Both are in German only, we want to reach people living next to us, but the translation from Google is ‘almost’ o.k.!

Dieter Gräwe

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