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Here is one of our periodical housekeeping posts. We have had a number of new supporters joining us in recent months. We would appreciate it if you would complete the profile with your actual name. This is our way of knowing you’re human, in 10 or 15 days times, we shall use the existence of a name or not to help us to weed out those that may lead to spanners and trolls.

Much obliged for your co-operation.

Reg Barlow

Chairperson, Naturist Action Group

One Response to Housekeeping

  • A good idea to do a little housekeeping of course and to keep the supporters records up to date. Whilst thinking about “housekeeping” generally, however, we note that the latest NAG annual accounts on this website are for the first year up to 28th February 2011. We are aware that the second trading year (to 28/2/12) have been filed at Companies House – but can they also be put on here, as with the previous year, so we don’t have to pay a government agency to view them?

    Clive & Aga
    Elixir Health Club

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