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Hampstead Heath Naturist Picnic

The following text has been upload on behalf of John Paine:

As part of our work on The London Question we want to demonstrate that naturism in a setting such as Hampstead Heath is a life-enhancing – not life-disturbing – situation. After the razzamataz of the 2013 London WNBR a few weeks before on Saturday 8 June we thought that a more sedate naturist event in London would also help promote the cause of naturism in our capital city.

We invite you to join NAG for a ‘clothing optional’ Naturist Picnic at Cohen’s Field in the north-easterly part of Hampstead Heath. So from 2.00pm onwards, on Saturday 29 June 2013 we look forward to many naturists and friends joining us at Hampstead Heath. A pedestrian access near Kenwood House, on Hampstead Lane, is the nearest. Some bus services also stop near there.

Bring your own picnic and suitable drink; musical instruments would also be very welcome. You may shed as many clothes as you feel comfortable with on the day. If the weather is not good enough to hold the NAG Naturist Picnic on that day then we shall hold it instead on Saturday 6 July 2013. The same details will apply.

You can also download our leaflet on this event to pass on to other NAG supporters and interested friends. To get some idea on a possible attendance please let us know if you are likely to attend this special naturist event. See our website for further details.

John Paine

5 Responses to Hampstead Heath Naturist Picnic

  • Sorry, I can’t make the Hampstead Heath picnic on 29 June because I’ll be dancing with my morris team down in Sussex that day. I’m really annoyed that I’ll miss it, but hope it all goes well.

  • If it were close I would be interested. As it is, I will not go that far across London.

  • This sounds like great fun, and is exactly the kind of event that’s needed in London to popularise social nudity – hopefully these kind of events can become a regular feature and gradually accustom the public and the authorities to the ‘clothing-optional’ idea in suitable locations. Events like the WNBR have made people realise that public nudity is not threatening or illegal – as you say, quieter and more sedate events will hopefully broaden its appeal (not everyone wants to hair through central London naked on a bike! – though having done it myself I can say that it’s great fun and gets an incredibly positive response from the public).
    I hope I can come to the picnic, but if not good luck and have a lovely time!

  • Hope you guys have no objection but I have posted your naturist picnic event on Naturist corner, hopefully we should get a lot of interest from there. Myself and mrs smooth should be able to attend, hope to see you all there.

  • Just a quick question that has been raised by a couple of our members as we are the closest club venue to the site – have the City of London (who own and run Hampstead Heath) been notified of this event in the same way that the Royal Parks and Met Police are for the WNBR?
    Or is it a “turn up and do it” and wait to see if there is any reaction from the “authorities”? Are the press being told about this event?

    Clive & Aga
    Elixir Health Club

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