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New Naked-Online-OK Social Network

The new network is here:

Following several bans from Facebook and disagreements with similar networks, there is clearly a need for a social network which caters for people wishing to discuss nudity and to post naked images, of breast-feeding mothers, art installations, protest events, festivals, etc., without fear of morally judgemental and puritan censorship.

These networks stand on the contributions from you, me, and all of us, and if they refuse to carry our messages, we will build our own to carry them. It’s early days yet for the NOOK, and it may grow and transform in time, but please tell your friends, join and post, and we will see what we can make of it.

Feedback and suggestions for improvements etc, are of course always welcome.

I’ve taken a quick look at this site and it looks… interesting and fully endorse it. I hope you will too.

RegChairman, NAG

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