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The Nu Art Project

Originally posted by Naktiv

There is an interesting photographic endeavour going under the name “The Nu Project”. What I like about it is the fact that people are photographed in their own environments. You can see more on The Nu Art Project website.

However, while the photographer should be lauded for aiming at “women of all shapes and sizes deserve to be photographed beautifully as fine art nudes”, of course it’s “women” again. His side-step to not photograph men is based on the observation that women are allegedly under more societal pressure to conform their appearance to glossy magazine standards, and he hopes that “other photographers out there” will take on the male baton.

The images are wonderful.

Richard Foley


Having looked at the website myself, I can only concur with Richard about the photography and timely; more about that later. It is also a shame that there is no gallery of European women. Well, hopefully between us we can remedy that.


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