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TV Critics Wanted.

I have been contacted by Kayleigh Damen of Studio Lambert, asking if our ‘members’ would like to take part in a new television show being produced for Channel 4. She wrote:

“Television production company Studio Lambert are making an exciting new series for Channel 4. The programme is essentially a TV review show; we want to hear the Great British public’s opinions about what’s on the box. Is the most memorable part of The Voice actually Holly Willoughby’s revealing neck line? Or is Jeremy Paxman one of the greatest broadcasters that has ever lived?

We are looking for a range of couples, families and groups of friends who enjoy spending time in front of the television together, commenting and critiquing what they’re watching. I would be most grateful if you could pass the attached information to your members. If they are potentially interested we would love to hear from them.
Kayliegh Damen
Studio Lambert Ltd.”

More information can be obtained from the flyer Call all TV Critics.

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