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The London Question – latest report

The latest report about progress with The London Question, following a meeting in central London last March has been released and can be read HERE.

If you are interested in helping the Naturist Action Group to answer The London Question, contact John Paine, our project co-ordinator who is waiting for your email!
Issued on behalf of John Paine.

2 Responses to The London Question – latest report

  • With respect, I think there should be more thought about the section ‘4. Public attitudes towards naturism’.

    Where it says, “there are those campaigning to stop children having Internet access to harmful and pornographic images”, I think there should be some space given to the need to point out that nudity in a naturist context is neither harmful nor pornographic, and that it shouldn’t be lumped into any such category. My belief is that we shouldn’t get involved with anything to do with pornography (as in its public acceptance or not) provided that we make it clear that we aren’t connected with it. The one thing we might do is to shake our heads sadly and say how unfortunate it is that hiding the body away ends up leading to such foolishness. In other words, take away innocence and you’re left with guilt.

    Again, “An attempt to influence public attitudes by a ‘prudification of society’ is occurring and naturists need to fight back.” I’m not sure that any such thing is occurring; Mary Whitehouse is restless in her grave! But if there’s a conflict going on about sexual matters, we need to be assiduously neutral. Our comments should be along the lines of saying that our concerns are with acceptance of the body, and how people use it sexually is an entirely different discussion. I’m convinced that the public generally has a lot of tolerance for non-sexual nudity, but if we’re linked with any kind of sexual behaviour, we’ll be part of a much larger argument where there are both moral and commercial concerns. Whichever way things go there, we aren’t likely to influence the outcome. And speaking of the ‘prudification of society’, are naturists not entitled to be as prudish as anyone? I don’t see why the mere willingness to be naked and see people naked has any link with other attitudes. Let’s not limit ourselves.

  • Is a good thing to make clear the point: naturist have noting to do with pornografy.

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