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World Naked Bike Ride – Portsmouth Leg

“Many subscribers to NAG will be aware of the World Naked Bike Rides which take place globally each Summer. These fun events espouse three main causes : awareness of the world’s dependence on fossil fuels; the vulnerability of cyclists on our roads, and the promotion of public acceptability of Naturism. (the latter explains the interest of NAG in the World Naked Bike Rides).

There are, of course, many hurdles to cross: attached is a (directly taken off-screen) video of the Meridian News TV broadcast just after the Portsmouth WNBR in June 2011. ( see ). In this video, a local minor church officer expresses opposition to the Portsmouth WNBR. It is interesting that, whilst a local church was opposing the ride, there is a completely separate (and more enlightened!) group of Christians at – the Christian Naturist Fellowship!

We would urge any supporters of Naturism, who are able to do so, to attend their local World Naked Bike Rides (locations are on the Wiki site) and, in particular, to attend the Portsmouth ride which attracted so much opposition from the local church group. – who have even set up a Government epetition against Naked Bike Rides in general (see and also ).”

Posted on behalf of Ian Henden from the organising collective.

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