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The London Question

The next meeting about The London Question has been scheduled for 3pm on Sunday 25th March 2012, to be held at McGlynn’s Free House in Whidborne Street WC1H 8ET, not more than a five minute walk from either King’s Cross or St Pancras Stations. The Orgniser, John Paine, as organised an agenda, which is available from 25 March Meeting Agenda. If you have any further comments, please contact John via the website.

Here is the report of the meeting:

Notes from the meeting held on Sunday 25 March 2012 at McGlynn’s Free House, Whidborne Street, LONDON WC1H 8ET.


  1. 1.                  Welcome and purpose of meeting


John Paine introduced himself as the NAG Project Leader and thanked people for attending on such a lovely sunny day. There were 10 people present, with apologies received from several others. BN was holding its Eastern RegionAGMtoday and some of The London Question supporters were there.


NAG is a totally volunteer organisation and since March 2010 has been involved in a number of activities. These include promoting petitions on naturist issues, supporting naturist groups such as Eastney Beach Naturists (including raising issues at the AGMof landowner company QinetiQ), The London WNBR. NAG has developed a number of projects, which included the publication of a leaflet You and the Law, gathering evidence of how police deal with naturists (The ACPO project), and the lack of naturist facilities in London (The London Question). NAG had also assisted naturists in Bristol and in Cheltenham, who wanted to develop naturist activities at those cities.


NAG is the independent naturist UK group campaigning for naturism, and has international equivalents in France, Spain, USA, Germany. In addition NAG writes for H&E Naturist magazine, and Naturist Life magazine, both reporting on its work and articles based on topics of interests to naturists.


The intention of the meeting today was to give an update on The London Question and to consider options on possible actions in 2012.

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