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Doctor Sunshine

Last time, I suggested that we needed to convince everyone about the value of social nudity, not just those who show interest in naturism. We need an argument capable of convincing the sceptics and who ask the perennial question, ‘Why be a naturist?’. And low-and-behold, one emerged just the other week, our health. This isn’t a new one I grant you, and we shall need others, but we can now quote medical practitioners to make our arguments stronger.

Roughly 100 years ago, it was discovered that the vitamin D our bodies produced prevented rickets in children. It has now been eradicated to the point that to be sure I understood what it was, I had to look it up. I quote from NHS Choices website: “Rickets is a condition that affects bone development in children. It causes the bones to become soft and malformed, which can lead to bone deformities. Rickets in adults is known as Osteomalacia (soft bones).

“In rare cases a child can be born with a genetic form of rickets. It can also develop if an underlying condition affects how vitamins and minerals are absorbed (by the body).”

Vitamin D enables our bodies to absorb calcium ensuring the health of our bones and teeth. By the 1950s however, there was concern that people were getting too much of the vitamin through supplements in

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