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Back to the Future

Last month, two events occurred, which are seemingly unconnected but I believe could herald a significant change to how naturism is looked upon by naturists and non-naturists alike, and both relate to the venerable magazine, H&E Naturist.

The first event concerns the redesign of the magazine itself, instigated by its editor, Sam Hawcroft; it is however, not without controversy. Sam writes in her editorial for the January edition: “We are currently trialling a different approach to the photographs in H&E, and I appreciate it may sound mad – even offensive to some – for a naturist magazine not to have fully nude pictures in it….” What heresy is this? I hear you say. For as long as many of us remember, certainly since the 1960s the magazine has been in the forefront of naturism in the general public’s mind because of its decision to run photographs of men and women completely nude. They were – and still are – barred from doing so on the front cover by the Obscene Publications Act of

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