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Naked Gardener judged innocent.

The case of the man accused of indecency for doing his garden in the nude has been thrown out by Cheltenham magistrates. This is a triumph for common sense and a confirmation that there is nothing illegal about simple nudity in the garden. It also shows that you should not jump to conclusions and pre-judge cases based on what the CPS says alone, which is what BN did in shunning this innocent man and refusing to take any interest in his case.

The press report is on:

NAG volunteers attended the trial and provided the accused with support.

Duncan Heenan

2 Responses to Naked Gardener judged innocent.

  • As someone who has recently (re) joined BN, and given that one of their senior number reads the post/blogs on this site, I would, through them, invite a comment from BN as to why they took this stance.

    They are either for or against social nudity.

    If they want people to support them so they can support the naturist cause, BN need to explain why they ignored this matter, otherwise their membership might be drawn to the conclusion that BN don’t want social nuduty to be acceptable in the UK.

  • yet another time bn let members down I left BN because they did not support me after an incident we had

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