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Anonymous communications with NAG

From time to time we receive anomymous communications by post. There is not much we can do in response to these. Unless they contain a valid name and contact details we certainly can’t respond to the writers, and whatever views may be expressed will not have the same weight as those from someone who identifies themselves.

As part of the ACPO/ Minsitry of Justice project, we have received a few accounts of encounters with the Courts and Police, from people who wish to remain anonymous. This presents two problems. Firstly, we can not get full value from the information without being able to discuss it in depth with the informant. Secondly, we can not use the incident or case in any formal submission as evidence unless it can be substantiated, which anonymous information can not. We can well understand that people do not want the ‘hassle’ of going public on things they might be embarassed by, but unless some do we will make no progress and the embarassments will get worse.

We will respect confidentiality of information or views and we will not publish it without the prior consent of the person sending it, so you are safe in identifying yourself in correspondence. Unless you do you will have to accept that there is not much NAG can do in response to what you tell us.

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