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New naturist initiative in Cheltenham

A naturist session in Cheltenham?

Would you be interested in a possible Saturday night naturist session in a Cheltenham leisure centre? Currently no naturist facilities exist in Cheltenham. Local naturist Stewart Hamilton is in talks with management at a large local authority leisure centre. This is about starting a Saturday night session in their Health Suite, which includes sauna, steam and jacuzzi.

Before this can happen Stewart would like to set up a local group of naturists, which would then book the facilities. A similar arrangement happens in Swindon, and Marlborough, and Stewart thinks that it is time that naturists did the same in his town of Cheltenham. Stewart has been advised by the Naturist Action Group and is also seeking support from British Naturism in contacting local naturists.

If you are interested and want to know more please contact Stewart, either via email at or by phone 01242 519439.

This press release prepared by Stewart Hamilton (Cheltenham)
and John Paine NAG

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