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A motion to British Naturism’s AGM to withdraw from INF

If you are not a BN member of aren’t interested, please
forgive me and read no further. I am seeking support to put a motion to BN’s AGM on 9th October.
The motion I wish to propose is;

“ British Naturism withdraws from
Membership of the International Naturist Federation as soon as the current
subscription expires”

For this to go to the AGM,
I need 20 members to support it. If you would like to do so, please let me know
on .
Due to the protracted process BN adopts for such things we need to notify them
fairly soon, so please don’t leave it too long if you do wish to lend your

The reason I wish to do this
is that BN pays INF about £13,000 every year
to remain affiliated to it, but sees little tangible benefit for it either to
BN, or in terms of advancing the cause of Naturism. I believe that that money
would be better spent by BN in promoting naturist freedom in the UK.

The American Association for Nude
Recreation withdrew from INF last year, and
dissatisfaction has been expressed by numerous national Naturist Federations
for over a decade, but so far they have accepted INF’s
assurances that it will become more active. I believe the time for patience has
long passed, and if INF were going to change
of its own free will it would have. Further attempts at ‘persuasion’ merely
puts the problem off, as there seems to be a practical disconnection between INF
and the National Federations which actually own it! I believe that, with its
current structure and personnel it will never become useful, so the only thing
to do is to leave; and only consider rejoining if it actually changes in a way
it has not done so far.

The myth that an ‘INF
stamp’ is necessary to visit foreign resorts is all that many people even know
of INF, and it is a myth. INF stamps
have not been needed for decades, and a BN card would be acceptable if anything
was required, which generally it is not.

Some people may view this a
negative move. The opposite is in fact the case. It is intended to send the
clearest message to INF that unless it does
what it is intended for, BN wants nothing to do with it. INF
belongs to the

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