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Richard Collins trial – verdict

Richard Collins was today (13/6/11) found guilty of a Breech of the Peace under s5 of
the Public Order Act 1986, for cycling through Bournemouth naked. He was given a 12 month conditional discharge, and told t pay £750 court costs. There was no fine.
In view of the likelihood of an appeal, he and his defence team have asked
that the details of the case are not discussed on any public forum until it
is finally concluded. We shall therefore respect this request, and ask other
to do likewise.
Whilst we are respecting Richard’s request in this matter, lack of public
discussion should not lead anyone to conclude that nothing is being done.
There are a number of interested parties, NAG especially, and other
organisations trying to give Richard all the help and support to achieve the
right outcome in the long run, for both him and for naturism generally. When
the detail can be discussed fully, observers will understand that the legal
principles involved in this case have big implications for the future of
naturism in this country. For that reason we all have to take the safest
If you are legally trained and think you can help, we’d love to hear from
you. Contact Duncan Heenan via this website.

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