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Richard Collins’ Trial

Richard Collins (‘the naked cyclist’) has been charged under S5 of the Public Order Act 1986, for riding his bike naked in Bournemouth last year. It is an important trial for free-range naturism, as the POA is what The Authorities often use to restrict public nudity, so NAG is closely following the tial and supporting Richard, as part of our long running project to approach the Ministry of Justice and Association of Chief Police officers over the whole issue of Law Enforcement and public nudity.

Richard was tried at Bournemouth Magistrates court on 3-5 March 2011, but the judge did not have sufficient time allocated to document his judgment and deliver his verdict, so another hearing has been set to do that on 13th June. In the meantime it has been decided not to issue any further narrative or comment in order not to run any risk if it prejudicing the verdict or it being used by the prosecution. It may not be possible to comment in details for some time after 13/6 as, if he is convicted, there may well be an appeal, so comment will have to be reserved until it is finally settled.

Though this will be disappointing to those who are interested in this case, you can be assured that those involved are doing all they can to assist the right outcome, and it will be fully reported by NAG when we are clear to do so.

Duncan Heenan

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