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Since we have created a new website for the Naturist Action Group, answers to some questions posed by naturists may have been lost in the migration and no longer available to everyone. So here they are again, with few updates.

Do we organise events?

The simple answer to that question is no. The Naturist Action Group’s only purpose is to campaign for better recognition, better facilities, more facilities, so naturists have more options to practice their naturism.

There has been chatter on the Internet about a post-WNBR event this year in London but the last thing NAG wants to do is spoil the organising committee’s good relationship with the Police and Park Authorities. We are considering having our own gathering point, but still within the area set-aside for WNBR participants, for NAG supporters and subscribers to meet and perhaps get to know each other. We may even have some body paint available for some suitable messages to be written on the human canvases. Things like “nude not lewd”. (Sorry, I know it’s a classic line, but I can’t think of anything better at the moment.) This all depends, however, on the level of interest we get.

Are we just a “London and the South East” group?

Again, the answer is no. The organising committee is spread from Yorkshire, in the north, south to the Isle of Wight. As a small group though, we do need to consider where and how we expend our energies. The more help we get, either in terms of spare time, and to a lesser extent, spare cash, the more we will be able to do.

Currently, our biggest project is, of course, The London Question, and John Paine is making great strides on that. However, there is only so much that one man can do. London has seven million inhabitants and while British Naturism continues it’s search for a suitable central London venue for a swim and sauna session, a single location will not be able to serve all of London’s estimated 140,000 naturists. Hence The London Question. Could Munich’s English Garden be a role model for us to follow? That’s the question, now we just need to find the answer.

Is NAG a members’ organisation, like BN?

Sorry to be repetitive, but again no. We survive because of the generosity of others, who give their time and their money, and of course, we can always use some more.

Wouldn’t it be better to have just one organisation for British naturism?

Yes that would be the ideal, but we need to consider how we can get more people actively involved in promoting naturism to a non-naturist world. British Naturism does a great deal to further the cause of naturism as a lifestyle; organising events like Nudefest and beach events around the country, while representing the views of thousands of naturists to national bodies, local authorities and national government.

However, as we saw recently with Charlie Simonds’ article in H&E Naturist, not all naturists are of the opinion that a representative body is necessary. Some may not see themselves as naturists at all, preferring to participate in social nudity casually, when their mood and the situation make it seem right. While others will not join BN under any circumstances, for reasons that are their own, despite wanting to see naturism accepted more widely. As an independent organisation, the Naturist Action Group is able bridge this gap between formal and informal naturism. As we don’t have members, we have no vested interests and as we don’t organise events, we do not have any competing calls for our limited resources. Any naturist who agrees with our objectives can make a difference by sending us a donation or volunteering some of their spare time.

What campaigns are you conducting?

One of the projects we’ve had from the outset is an aim to open dialogue with the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) but for this we need supporting evidence that our claim that the police have been inconsistent with their treatment of naturists, to show that it is not just hearsay.

Not only do we need information about incidents that happened last summer but for this summer too. It goes without saying that any personal details will be kept strictly confidential. It may also mean trawling through court records, so someone with legal experience (A barrister maybe) would be a benefit. Once we have the evidence, then we can talk to ACPO from firmer ground. Likewise, we could open dialogue with the Local Government Association if we can prove to them that catering for naturists would be to their advantage, especially in the current economic climate.

We also cherish the idea of creating a database of naturist friendly solicitors around the country. If naturists find themselves involved with the law enforcement agencies, then any legal advice is better than none at all and this can be arranged for free from the police station. There is no guarantee, however, that the solicitor on duty will know about the legal aspects of public nudity as a human rights issue, without refreshing their memory. A database of naturist friendly solicitors would enable the right kind of support at a very distressing time.

Naturism can only survive because of volunteers willing to spend a few hours each week to help their club or group, even British Naturism relies heavily on the use of volunteers. Without them, naturism would be nothing. If you want to volunteer for one of our projects then please contact us.

We realise though that many people are time poor these days, so if you’d prefer to spend what free time you have on the beach or wherever it is you go nude, we understand. If one of the projects outlined above interests you however, and you would like to donate some money to help then please, click on the donate button on this website. If you want your donation to be used specifically for that project then please tell Duncan Heenan via his contact link. We shall be happy to oblige. All donations will be acknowledged.

An edited version of this is blog will appear in the May issue of H&E Naturist.

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