Naturists Campaigning for Naturism

Newsletter One


Newsletter No. 1

February 2011

Welcome to our first NAG newsletter!


Our inaugural year

NAG launched in March 2010. We are not a members’ organisation, and do not organise social events; NAG provides a platform for naturists to raise issues and campaign in the interests of UK naturism. NAG can help you to gather support from other naturists without the restrictions or the ‘baggage’ that are present with some other naturists bodies. The Naturist Action Group works with many other naturist bodies in Britain. Our twin aims are to:

  • Campaign on behalf of naturism to the Government and national representative bodies
  • Educate the public and promote awareness about naturism

The concept of NAG had been discussed for a while, but the decision to go ahead was taken only early in 2010. We took as our model they way in which The Naked London Bike-ride is organised. We felt that it was better to start NAG and do some of our planning ‘on the hoof’, rather than spend a very long period trying to get it perfect and thus risk a stillbirth. Consequently we plead guilty to not being as well prepared as we may have wished at our March 2010 launch!

We always knew that the issues of public perception and anti-naturist prejudice, which NAG aims to tackle, are huge tasks. They need a long-term approach, with a lot of research and groundwork. To be successful we felt that NAG approaches to

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