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UK Naturism Survey

Within the limitations of a non-members’ group Naturist Action Group has always had two simple aims; to represent a broad range of opinions within British naturism as best we could and campaign for its wider acceptance in society.

Today though, we are launching what could arguably be our largest project to date; to learn more about you, the British naturist. Are the things we think we know, true? Could we do things differently; smarter or better? Do we all share the same opinions and beliefs, and can we really describe the average person attracted to naturism in this country?

A tough set of questions, I grant you, nonetheless we believe they still need asking and with your help we aim to answer them to the best of our abilities. It is open to any UK resident who is 18-years and over; married couples and co-habiting partners can complete separate forms, as can any adult children. Britons living abroad and who still have strong links with the UK are also welcome.

The Survey of UK Naturism is available online or, if you prefer, offline as an editable document for your desktop or you can print it and treat it like a paper one (MS Word, .docx). Just send an email to with the word Survey in the subject line. The survey form will be sent to you within 24hrs, just follow the instructions.

Alternatively, send an envelope (DL or C5) with a first- or second-class letter rate stamp to Survey of UK Naturism, c/o Reg Barlow, 6 Brunswick Street, Bingley, West Yorkshire, BD16 4PL and a pre-printed form will be sent by return of post.

In all cases, the closing date for replies is 31/12/2018. When posted, those replies postmarked with the closing date will be accepted.

One last thing. Please do not forget to share, either online or by telling your naturists friends and family about the survey and getting them to complete it too, before asking them in turn, to share it. We want this survey to be completed by the young and the not so young, men and women, black, brown and white, the computer literate or computer illiterate. More the merrier and we shall get a better, fairer understanding of what it means to be a naturist in this country.

Please Help Us to Campaign for You!

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